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Trust our timely and quality moving services to get you and your family settled into your new home.

Discount Moving: Professional Moving Service in Chatham

Searching for that reliable moving company can sometimes add to the already stressful moving process. This is why most Ontarians trust Discount Moving, a reliable and friendly moving service in Chatham. We offer results that will make your moving process into a worry and stress-free experience, while surpassing your expectations. Our priority is to provide you with whatever you need to ensure that you will be 100 per cent satisfied. Discount Moving is your go-to moving company that tends to your moving needs in a pleasant and timely manner, while ensuring your customer satisfaction. We have you involved in the moving process every step of the way, making sure that everything is to your liking. We provide a wide range of moving services such as, residential, commercial and province wide moving. Over the 15 years that we’ve been serving the Chatham community, we’ve built up a reputation of being a trusted and reliable moving company, through our quality work and skilled team. We offer in person estimates to give our customers a better indication of what they’ll need in terms of trucks or other moving equipment that might be needed like simple dollies or lift trucks to ensure the safe transfer of all your belongings.

Anyone requiring our services is welcome to reach out and give us a call ! We are more than happy to serve you and your family during this transitional period.

*Please note: The best way to get in touch is through phone calls. Emails are not checked regularly (only checked once or twice a month). *

We’ll ensure that you’ll be satisfied with our moving services! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Promotions and Special Offers

Seniors discount 10% off

Need a Lift?

We ensure that all of your household items and furniture arrive to their destination safely.

Pack Away With Us

We provide professional moving services for both commercial and residential moving needs.

More Learning, Less Problems

Have a stress-free moving experience by reading our tips and tricks on how to better prepare yourself for your move.

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